Instagram Growth Plan

It has been a decade since Instagram arrived, and the algorithm still changes, with new features coming up often. To maintain stable growth, all businesses must keep up with the new features and privacy policies. So, how to maintain it?

Getting fake engagement and followers is strictly against Instagram policies, so it might ban you from using Instagram further. That’s why it is essential you have a strategy for organic Instagram growth. Our team can devise a proper Instagram growth plan that will help to grow your account safely.

Buying Instagram Growth Plan and How it Works?

Instagram is used by millions of people and grabbing attention requires more effort and hard work. But what if there is an alternate way to success? Yes, there is. And that is to buy an Instagram growth plan and boost your profile.

Increase in views

When you buy Instagram views, it will help you grow your followers and profile more quickly than you expected. They are added to the post you want in an hour from your time of activation. Get Instagram views, it’s completely safe.

Increase in user interaction

Buying auto Instagram likes will add the likes you bought to your new posts whenever you upload them. The same will be done when you buy Instagram fans, shares, and other features.

Increase in user engagement

When you buy an Instagram growth plan, you will see a gradual increase in your followers and your user engagement. Throughout the month, not only users but you will receive likes, comments, shares, and other types of engagement.

Organic Instagram Growth Plan that will Grab Your Spot at the Top

Apart from investing in an Instagram growth plan, these are some of the tips you need to follow to grow your Instagram presence.


‘Consistency is key.’ You may have heard this and it is important to keep this in mind with any strategy because each social media platform has an algorithm about who sees the content and when. And that’s why you have to post your content frequently to reach people.

If you’re posting for a week once, you may not reach the audience that you would when you post often. When you post consistently, the Instagram algorithm will know that you are an active user and let your followers know whenever you post.

Share various types of content

There is various type of content that you can share instead of following the same pattern. Despite posting content often, you must also be creating Instagram stories, IGTV videos, and reels to keep your audience engaged. You should keep your post interesting by covering a range of interesting topics from your product photos, and behind the scenes to every trending topic.

Another popular type of content is posting a screenshot of a tweet posted by your business and pasting it against a colorful background to share on Instagram.

Collaborate with Influencers

Working with influencers also called Influencer marketing, where you find influencers relevant to your niche, reach out to them, building a campaign for them to promote your business. To get the right influencers, go explore the platform and find the ones with similar audiences as you. Considering your budget, you will have to reach out to them.

Interact with your audience

If you are all focused on organic growth on Instagram, you need to highly engage with your audience. Whenever you receive a comment or direct message from any of your followers, try to respond to them. Let them know that you are all ears to any of their compliment, or suggestions for your brand. Other ways to include with your audience include, you can create polls, Question stickers for AMA, sharing links to your page, and more.

Add relevant hashtags

If you have spent too much time on Instagram, then you probably know the importance of using hashtags. It helps you reach more people, and drives more traffic and engagement to your profile. They shouldn’t be popular but also not too frequent. You need to get the hashtags in the top 10 to increase visibility. Put your hashtags in comments than in images.

Engaging captions

Your captions are another quick step for your Instagram growth plan. You can write up to 2200 characters, so make the most of it. Using captions to convey your brand’s message is one good step to engage with your audience. It will make them more interested in your product/services. Start with a sentence that will hook the reader to see more of your caption and always end it with a call-to-action.

How to get started with Instagram Growth Plan?

Choose a package

We offer various packages to buy. From them choose the one that suits your needs the most. Once done, you will be prompted to the next step.

Fill in the details

After selecting the plan, you will be asked to enter your details such as username and email address. Email is for us to send you the receipt of the purchase. After this step, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Make the payment

Make the payment on the payment page. Once done, your purchase will be activated shortly and you will gradually start getting all engagement you need for the growth of your business.

Sit and relax

All you have to do now is just sit back and relax. All user engagement is going to come kicking into your profile and you will grab the spot in no time.

Customer support

There is a customer support team working 24/7 to assist you with any doubts you may have during your purchase. You can also send your queries and complaints anytime after purchase which will be resolved by our support team quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do auto Instagram likes work?

When you buy an Instagram growth plan, our system will start sending you automatic likes to every new post you upload. The likes will be added gradually so it doesn’t alert the Instagram algorithm that it is a red flag.

Do I have to buy an Instagram growth plan?

Yes, if you are struggling with getting followers and likes despite your hard work, you must buy an Instagram growth plan. It will boost your profile as you have never imagined and make your spot at the top quickly.

Who is going to like and follow my profile?

All profiles that are going to follow you are from real users around the world. We do not use fake followers as it might alarm the Instagram algorithm that something is wrong.

Is there any limit on the photos that I upload?

No, there are no limits for your posts, reels, or stories. As long as your plan is active, we will keep sending you likes, and followers slowly.

Is it safe to buy Instagram growth plan?

Yes, it is completely secure to buy Instagram growth plan from us. As we use only real users around the globe, your growth will look like an organic one to the Instagram algorithm.

How About a Free Trial?

Stop thinking, give a look to our free trial services which any new client can avail, just ask for it and see it yourself. After using the free trial you will know how GramStart works!