The most significant platform for marketing is Instagram,and there are probabilities that it is going to be essential. Marketing on Instagram is possible only due to real Instagram likes. The Instagram users are about 300,000,000 while its parent company, Facebook consists of 1.3 billion users and still increasing day by day. It is also seen that Instagram and Facebook are fused intimately. It is logical to expect that Instagram can catch up speedily with the user numbers of Facebook. When Facebook initiated to enhance outside the campuses of College, the demographics of the users were tinted in the direction of youth as young people preferred to use it more. The demographic trend of Instagram is similar to the trend in user demographics for Facebook. Other than Facebook, Instagram is also made for tablets, smartphones and other cell phones that are initiating to rule out in the electronics market for the consumers.

Inspite of the chances of the considerable expansion of the user base, there isanother distinct advantage of Instagram as a promotional platform: a picturehas a worth of thousands of words. Human beings are the perceptive creatures. Imagescan influence sections of the brain where the mere words cannot reach. Imagescan bypass the filters of the mind that touch us powerfully and deeply.

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